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Executive Director, SpaceCom

James Causey joined NTP in November 2014 and serves as the Executive Director of SpaceCom, an NTP annual event done in collaboration with NASA’s Johnson Space Center and the Houston economic development community. In this capacity, he oversees the strategic direction and day to day operations of all aspects of the event. He coordinates the activities of the Board of Advisors and Industry Advisory Committee setup to focus on event content and attendee experience. He also accesses the professional resources of NTP for sales, operations and marketing to assist the dedicated team of SpaceCom.Prior to joining NTP, James had over 30 years of diverse experience in varied business and event management roles. Most recently, he was President, Public Sector Media Group at 1105 Media in Vienna, Va. He has held other senior-executive positions at market-leading organizations, including Landmark Communications, Sabot Publishing, Ernst & Young and Cadmus Communications. James has an MBA from University of Maryland and BSc from Leeds Metropolitan University in the UK.

Fun Facts

What is your secret talent?

I love to cook new dishes primarily from Italy or France but I love a good burger or pepperoni pizza as well.

What was your strangest job?

When I was in the UK, as a teenager, I was a plumber’s mate. You rapidly learn who your close friends are after you have unclogged the main drain of a 17th century pub.

What is the most scary horror movie you have seen?

Without a doubt, The Ring. Young kids doing weird stuff gets to me!

What’s your favorite party game?

Charades. Some of the funniest moments in my life have been playing this game with family and/or friends.